Andy Frankenberger Wins WPT Legends

Wednesday night saw the conclusion of the World Poker Tour “Legends of Poker” tournament in Los Angeles. The final table featured a less than “legendary” line up, but nevertheless, some experienced poker players took to the felt; Kyle Wilson placed sixth in a WPT Legends event two years ago, Tom Lee finished sixth in 2004 running of this event and in January this year, Jared Jaffee finished fourth in the WPT Southern Poker Championship.

Despite the World Poker Tour Legends final table featuring such experience, it was the relatively inexperienced overnight chip leader who emerged triumphant. Andy Frankenberger, a Wall Street stockbroker from New York, departed the Bicycle Casino $750,000 better off and the proud owner of the bronze “Wild Bill Hickok” WPT trophy.

The result far surpasses anything previously achieved at the poker table in Frankenberger’s fledgling career, though he did recently land a $162,000 first prize at the “Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza”, as well as cashing in a $5,000 No Limit Hold’em tournament at this summer’s World Series of Poker.

Frankenberger arrived at the final table with a slight chip lead, which he quickly surrendered to Tom Lee. Lee was only able to finish third however, after Frankenberger exacted revenge, hitting a runner-runner flush to eliminate Lee from the tournament ($174,722).

This gave Frankenberger a huge lead at the heads up stage and it was only six hands before the chips were in the middle, Frankenberger’s suited A-9 dominating the suited A-3 of Kyle Wilson. Two diamonds on the flop provided Wilson with a flush draw and the WPT cameras with some drama, but blanks fell on the turn and river, to wrap up the title for the stockbroker. Wilson pocketed $370,000 by way of consolation.

“I’m just in shock right now,” said Frankenberger, before admitting that the key to this WPT victory lay in the good fortune he received against Tom Lee. “They say you have to catch some cards to win one of these things. I needed that club against Tom to stay alive and I caught one”.

The next stop on the World Poker Tour is London, for the first ever London Poker Classic, which starts August 30th 2010. Frankerberger may or may not attend, but after significantly boosting his bankroll with this victory, he declared, “You will be seeing a lot more of me for sure!”

Stay tuned for more news from all of the biggest poker tournaments in the world.

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