Carbon Poker Odds Calculator

Carbon Poker Odds Calculator - Free Poker Analysis ToolCarbon Poker recently released their Poker Odds Calculator, a poker analysis tool designed to help players improve their game by offering in-game statistics and notes on opponents, as well as comprehensive post-session analysis. If you’re in the market for a piece of free poker tracking software that can really raise your game to the next level, then you will definitely be interested in the Carbon Poker Odds Calculator.


The Carbon Poker Odds Calculator is more than just an odds calculator. While it does offer real time statistics that will help you to make the correct play, it goes further than that, providing tracking tools that allow you to build a comprehensive database of information about your opponents, as well as helping you to review your game with a hand replayer.

This versatile poker software can be used on Fixed Limit and Pot Limit Hold’em games as well as No Limit, and the cutting edge technology allows it to perform a variety of calculations and have them displayed in a manageable, easy to apply fashion – in next to no time. Use the information provided by the Poker Odds Calculator correctly and you will quickly raise your game to new heights.


Here are the main features of the Carbon Poker Odds Calculator:

  • Win Odds – Displays the chance of winning the hand
  • Pot Odds – The right amount of money required to make the correct call
  • Expected Value (EV) – The expected value for your personal hole cards (basically, the average amount of large bets this hand will win or lose)
  • Groups – This feature divides starting hands into nine groups, only playing poker hands that have profitable EV (Expected Value) – group one is the strongest, group nine the weakest
  • Outs – Unseen cards remaining in the deck that will improve your hand to a likely winner after the flop
  • Player Stats – Compiles and stores opponents stats automatically on your computer by reading the log files supplied by Carbon Poker. The Poker Odds Calculator remembers the action and automatically recalls it
  • Profiling Icons – Allows you to assign icons to a player when the program collects more than 40 hands of data, allowing you to identify a player as loose, passive, aggressive, etc
  • HUD (Heads Up Display) – Displays everything you need regarding player stats, pot odds and mucked cards in a very manageable and easy to understand way on your game table
  • Hand Replayer – Allows you to visualize hands you played with the exact player stats and win odds (for yourself and players with known cards)
  • Manual Poker Odds Calculator – Allows you to double click on the cards display area and launch the Manual Calculator. When you are in-play you can also replace one card with another
  • Customizable Options – The ability to change a number of options to customize your Hand Replayer, Player Notes, Deck Colors, View Modes and much more

Get The Poker Odds Calculator

To get started with this handy piece of poker software, simply log in to your Carbon Poker player admin section and choose “Poker Odds Calculator” from the navigation bar on the left. The download will be complete in a matter of seconds, providing you with access to masses of useful statistics that will help to raise your poker game to the next level.

If you aren’t yet registered with Carbon Poker, it is definitely worth doing so to check out this fantastic tool. It may just change the way you play poker forever and as if that weren’t enough, Carbon offer all new players an impressive welcome bonus of up to $600, plus a daily cashback offer of up to 45%!

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