“durrrr” Challenge 2 Underway

Despite the original “durrrr” Challenge being 10,000 hands short of completion, Tom Dwan and Daniel “Jungleman12” Cates have kicked off the second instalment of the high stakes poker contest.

The two agreed on playing a minimum of four tables at a time, at $200 / $400 No Limit Hold’em and should either stack fall below 75 Big Blinds, the player concerned must reload to a full chip stack. As in the original “durrrr” Challenge against Patrik Antonius, the contest will last for 50,000 hands, but the option to “run it twice” will be used, to keep variance to a minimum. As before, Dwan is offering Cates 3/1 on his $500,000 investment.

The initial session didn’t disappoint. After almost 10 hours of poker, the pair managed to play a total of 5,829 hands at Full Tilt Poker’s dedicated “durrrr” Challenge tables.

After two and a half hours and 1,651 hands, Dwan found himself almost $130,000 to the good, before calling for an hour’s break. After what turned out to be a two hour interval, the pair resumed, for a lengthy seven hour session, where “Jungleman12” turned the match around, first breaking even, then eking out a $150,000 lead, before running Dwan over in the final hour, booking a total profit of $518,192.

The biggest pot of the session was a juicy $192,983 and went the way of Cates. Dealt Ah -Ac, he min-raised pre-flop and Dwan three-bet to $2,600, with Cates further raising to $6,400. Dwan called and checked the Jh – 8s – 6h flop. Cates fired $7,600 which Dwan called, with the turn card bringing the 9c. Dwan again check-called, this time for $21,000. The river brought the 4s and Dwan checked, with Cates moving all-in. Dwan thought for a while and called for his remaining $61,000, mucking at the sight of the two aces.

The session represents more than ten percent of the second “durrrr” Challenge, giving hope that this fixture can be wrapped up far more quickly than Dwan versus Antonius. It took over a month for the original challenge to reach the same stage as the latest instalment and even the most hardcore fans of high stakes online poker quickly became bored.

Although the pair failed to mention when the next session would be, both players seem keen to press on and this could be over quite quickly. Make sure to stay tuned for all the latest “durrrr” Challenge news.

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