Holdem Indicator

Holdem CalculatorWhether you play your poker live or online, you know that identifying players’ tendencies is invaluable. If there was a way in which you could track the percentage of hands a specific player enters, how frequently he raises and how often he goes all the way to the river, wouldn’t that give you the edge? Well, we cannot do it live for you, but if you are a regular online player, you should try out the poker odds calculator available from HoldemIndicator.com


More than just an odds calculator, the software records your opponents tendencies in all areas of the game, allowing you to know that he will either go with you if you bet low, or fold if you bet high. The Hold´em Indicator feature will analyze the last 40 hands on your table to enable you to calculate who is bluffing and identify players with good hands. You can save this data too for when you run up against the same player(s) at another table or event.

The calculator side of the software has been carefully thought out to provide accurate ranking of pre-flop hands in relation to table position, the percentages of winning as the community cards are revealed, and a nice way of advising you that you have an unbeatable hand – It flashes “You Have The Nuts” in bright red lettering! Both the calculator and the display fit snugly onto the bottom of your poker screen for easy reference, and the software works for up to 20 tables at a time if you are a player who likes to multitable.

The software is free to download and try out on play money tables. Like all new gadgets, it takes a little time to become accustomed to, and if you have never used an odds calculator before, remember that it is there to help you and not to make your decisions for you. Once you have got used to using it, if you want to apply it to your real money games and tournaments, the license is advertised at $79.95.

The Hold´em Indicator works on over 300 web sites including Pokerstars, Full Tilt and the iPoker network. It has received rave reviews already, and is a thoroughly recommended tool to help improve your game. Well recommended as you do not know who is already using it against you!

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