Jungleman12 Dominates The “durrrr” Challenge

The second instalment of Tom Dwan’s “durrrr” Challenge is back underway after a gap of almost two months and it’s not looking great for the Full Tilt Poker pro, as Daniel “jungleman12” continues to dominate.

Dwan, who is up over $2 million in the original “durrrr Challenge” match against Patrik Antonius, is struggling to get to grips with his new opponent and at the close of play in the latest high stakes online poker session, Dwan still finds himself down by $645,000.

The latest battle at the Full Tilt online poker tables was broken down into two separate sessions, the first of which lasted for 1,354 hands and was followed by a shorter, 80 minute session, in which the pair played a further 769 hands of $200 / $400 No Limit Hold’em.

Cates took down the first session, extending his lead by $35,000 but Dwan claimed the second, winning a total of $47,341.50 after a late surge saw him pick up two pots worth more than $80,000.
The largest pot during the most recent “durrrr Challenge” clash weighed in at $88,395.50 and went the way of Tom Dwan. A total of $8,800 went to the centre pre-flop, before Dwan checked the queen high flop to “jungleman12”, who bet $2,800. Dwan called and checked the turn, which saw Cates bet $8,400. One again, Dwan called the bet before checking on the river. Cates shoved all in for his remaining $28,598 and Dwan called, showing two pair. Cates had been betting out with king high the whole time, whilst Dwan had flopped middle pair, which became two pair on the turn.

This failed bluff is proving to be an exception rather than a rule as the “durrrr Challenge” part two approached the 10,000 hand mark, for Cates has won an impressive 61% of the 9,783 hands played so far. In fact “jungleman12” has also won four of the five largest pots so far during the challenge, four pots that total just over $644,000 of the $645,000 lead held over Dwan.

In other online high stakes poker news, Gus Hansen has been on a terrific run of late as he seeks to get himself even for the year, but his quest was dealt a hefty recent blow by “DrugsOrMe” at Full Tilt Poker’s $500 / $1,000 Cap Pot Limit Omaha tables. In the 377 hand session, Hansen lost almost $300,000, but he wasn’t alone in having a bad session, as Patrik Antonius dropped $120,000 and David Benefield lost $58,000.

Stay tuned for all the latest high stakes online poker action.

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