Michael Clarke wins first prize worth £20,000 at GUKPT Bolton

chcekcraisWhen his father won the GUKPT Bolton, Michael Clarke decided that he should walk in his footsteps and made it a priority to win this tournament. A couple of years later, he bought in for £500 alongside other 132 players and at the end of the three days tournament he emerged victorious.

Michael was the underdog in several major hands, but got lucky when he needed it most and once he got a decently high stack, he never relinquished his need. He made the final table as chip leader and took charge by eliminating one player after the other, consolidating his advantage over the field. His number one competitor was Todd Robinson who had a smaller stack but played overly aggressive and caused consecutive eliminations.

Liam Batey and James Conway did their best to stop him in his tracks but both of them failed miserably and allowed Todd to close the gap separating him from Michael Clarke. As the field was reduced to six players, some of them shifted into a less aggressive year but this only prompted Todd Robinson to double his efforts. Kerry O’Connor finally mustered the courage to go all in on a coin flip but his decision proved to be disastrous as the odds were not in his favor and was sent to the rail.

Those players who counted on a lucky break and waited for their counterparts to be eliminated so they could finish on a superior position eventually had to accept the consequences of their actions. Don Alpert was short stacked and the blinds were already dangerously high so he had no choice but to go all in with a mediocre hand. Michael Clarke snap called him to win the hand and then triumphed in an epic confrontation with Alan McLean, as he defeated Alan’s straight flush with a royal flush.

Michael collected a decent paycheck of £20,000 which is a great return on investment for someone who bought in for £500, but the most important thing is that he replicated his father’s performance. Now he sets even more ambitious goals for himself and plans on winning another GUKPT tournament, with the next in line being the event at Ricoh Arena in Coventry. This will happen in late August so Michael Clarke won’t have to wait too long for his chance and given his recent performance he has good reasons to be optimistic.

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