New Pro Poker League Finally Named

The newly formed league for professional poker players, set up by Federated Sports and Gaming, has finally been given a title, around a month before the league gets under way. The “Epic Poker League” kicks off on August 5th 2011.

Jeffrey Grosman, Chief Operating Officer of Federated Sports and Gaming, said: “This is no ordinary tournament league. Our fields will be some of the toughest in poker history and we expect the competition to be nothing less than epic. In selecting a name that could live up to the players incredible skill and talent, epic was a natural fit.”

The brand new Epic Poker League consists of four $20,000 “Main Event” tournaments, with $400,000 in prize money added to each, as well as a single $1,000,000 “Championship” tournament.

At each of the initial four Epic Poker League venues, there will also be a tournament for charity, as well as a “Pro-Am” event. The fifth and final stop will only feature the two day “Championship” event and will only be played by the 27 players earning the most throughout the regular four stop Epic Poker League season.

A list of 218 qualifying poker pros was announced back in May, with the league’s commissioner Annie Duke, stating: “Our goal in setting the objective qualifying criteria was to capture the best live tournament players – not a certain set of personalities. Keeping the league membership small not only ensures the highest quality of tournament play, but also allows FS&G to provide a superior playing experience and outstanding service levels to our members.”

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