Online Poker Roundup – Ivey, Dwan and Hansen

There has been plenty of action at the high stakes online poker tables over recent weeks, with many of the usual suspects involved.

Phil Ivey had been enjoying a fantastic August, earning over $1.5 million from online poker, but over the weekend, the Full Tilt Poker Pro’s fortunes took something of a downswing and a lot of his hard work came undone.

Playing against the likes of Cole South, Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond and Sam “URnotINdanger2” Palmer, Ivey played over 2,800 hands of poker across a range of games, including sessions at the $200 / $400 Pot Limit Omaha and $500 / $1,000 No Limit Hold’em tables, booking an enormous loss of more than $785,000.

Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies also had a busy weekend, as he took apart the Cap Pot Limit Hold’em tables, earning in excess of $365,000 from his online poker sessions. But that wasn’t the best result of the weekend, as “O Fortuna PLS” won over $480,000, the majority of which came at the $2,000 / $4,000 Fixed Limit Hold’em tables against Tom “durrrr” Dwan.

Dwan has been experiencing a rollercoaster ride at the virtual poker tables in recent times, earning close to a million in a week, before losing $750,000 the following week. Despite all this, The Full Tilt sponsored player is still comfortably ahead for the year, closing in on the $4 million mark in online poker profits.

Gus Hansen and David Oppenheim were other big names to struggle at the internet poker tables over the weekend, with Hansen dropping over $430,000 to take his annual losses to $1.2 million. Oppenheim suffered even worse, ending the weekend $600,000 worse off, from a little over 2,000 poker hands.

Speaking of Tom Dwan though, last month’s speculation about his next opponent for the notorious “durrrr” Challenge has been confirmed, with the trash talk beginning in earnest. Dwan told Daniel “Jungleman12” Cates, “it’s cute you think you’ll ever have an edge”, declaring his intention to start the challenge “in a few days”.

However, Dwan hasn’t been seen since and the Full Tilt “durrrr” Challenge poker tables have been empty, despite “Jungleman12” expressing a similar wish to get on with the show. The general consensus amongst the poker fraternity is that Dwan is stalling, in order to properly prepare.

Cates, an instructor for CardRunners and a respected online poker player, will strongly fancy his chances but Dwan will also be confident, as he is more than $2 million to the good from the original “durrrr” Challenge against Patrik Antonius, which is 80% complete.

Stay tuned for all the latest high stakes online poker news.

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