Poker Edge Gives You an Edge

Poker Edge SoftwareHave you ever wondered why the same players keep showing up at your online poker table? Have you ever consider why you frequently lose when they do? The answer is that they probably have the “Edge” – a great piece of software that gives you an amazing array of stats on your opponents and much more!

Once upon a time, all you ever needed to play poker was a deck of cards, a chip and a chair, a Mississippi paddle-steamer, a Smith & Wesson .32 and a big hat! Now the rules have changed with the introduction of “Poker Edge”. This is the most fantastic, all-inclusive piece of software you are ever going to need to revolutionise your online poker experience.

Poker Edge has a massive database of real games from which the data is collected – already into the billions and increasing by 10 million every day. This data fuels all the features available with the Poker Edge software package.The HUD (Heads Up Display) automatically recognises an opponent that you have played previously (even before you had the software!) and instantly overlays the most relevant statistics as your hand progresses through flop, turn and river.

The Detailed Player Report shows you a full analysis of any player before you sit down and play with them. This report includes statistics and graphs relating to position, table dynamics and the number of players at a table. It can be filtered or customised, and offers hand replays in case you are not convinced by the stats alone.

Hand Notifications are a bonus to new players and experienced multi-tablers alike. The notifier will advise you when you have a strong hand pre-flop, when you have the “nuts”, when there is an opportunity to steal the blinds and all-in situations. Fully customisable, this feature is just one which sets Poker Edge above many other software packages.

An Odds Calculator is fully integrated into Poker Edge with automatic calculations available for every table you play on – again very beneficial if you multi-table – without having to manually input the data.

Finally, the Table Selection tool is one of the most advanced on the market, including finding players in tournaments and SnGs where others don’t. This is useful for finding buddies that you enjoy playing with as well as identifying the tables and players that will make a dramatic positive effect on your bankroll.
As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, if you believe that have been targeted out by quality poker players, there are only two things you can do –

1. Improve your poker
2. Get yourself Poker Edge

Poker Edge is available free of charge on a trial basis from Poker Edge. Thereafter there is a monthly subscription to pay depending on the level of games that you want to access data for (starting at $4.95 per month). The package is well worth the minimal expense for the benefits that the software will bring to your wallet, and if you would like to see just how good it is, type you own poker alias into its “Player Search” on the home page and see what it says – You may be surprised!

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