Poker Networks

A poker network is what poker sites use to tie all their poker players together and enable them to play poker online together. A poker network consists of centralised servers and client software running on the players’ computers that connects to the central servers. It is most common for a poker network to be owned and operated by a company separate from the poker site and for several different poker sites to use the same network, thus enabling players at different sites to play with eachother.

Each poker site on a network can make changes to the appearance and features of the software, to distinguish themselves from the others on the same network. This is what is called a “skin” – a thin layer of look-and-feel on top of the network software. The skins of a network is thus the different poker sites and adaptations of that network’s software used by the poker players.

Poker Network Reviews

888 Poker Network
The 888 poker network is perhaps most known for its abundance of loose/fishy players. The software is decent and available on both PC and Mac, but could use some touching up. Don't miss the exceptionally valuable tournaments and their outstanding customer service.
Betfair Poker Network
The Betfair poker network currently only houses the Betfair poker site. The selection of poker variants is limited to Hold'em, Stud and Omaha, but customers seem to like Betfair and are very loyal. Betfair runs excellent qualifiers for big live events such as WSOP and EPT. The software is sleek and allows for multitabling on 24 tables simultaneously.
Bodog Poker Network
The Bodog poker network is currently only used by Bodog poker and is one of the smaller networks. The software is decent, has a different table design and limited multitabling support. At times you might have to wait for players if you play something other than Texas Hold'em.
BOSS/International Poker Network
The International Poker Network (former BOSS) is a decently large European poker network with a few well-known brands. Most associated poker sites offer a very good welcome bonus and a wide range of low to mid-stakes tournaments for several poker variants.
Cereus Network
The Cereus Network was formed by joining the softwares and players of Absolute Poker and UltimateBet into one whole but still keeping the two poker sites separate. It is one of the top ten poker networks, allows players from the US and can be played on PC, Mac and mobiles.
Entraction Poker Network
The Entraction network is a widely established Swedish poker network with close to 80 different skins. Entraction offers one of the best varieties of poker games around, but is best suited to players from Europe.
Full Tilt Poker Network
Full Tilt Poker is the second largest poker network on the internet. It is home to several well known poker professionals and known for it's excellent high stakes poker games with record-breaking pot sizes. Full Tilt is also known for their Rush Poker invention - a fast-paced way of playing poker that allows you to play several hundred hands per hour.
iPoker Network
The iPoker Network is the largest of the multisite poker networks. The software is one of the best around, good for multi-tabling and available for both PC and Mac. Don't miss the monthly one million dollar guaranteed tournament.
Merge Gaming Network
The Merge Gaming Network is one of the newest and fastest growing poker networks. It allows US players and has more than 70 different skins / poker sites. A good mix of poker games is available.
Microgaming Poker Network
The Microgaming poker network is a well established European network and host to almost 50 poker sites. Microgaming offers a decent software and the standard games setup but also a few unique tournament types. Don't miss the daily guaranteed tournaments and the $100K guaranteed on Sundays.
Ongame Network
The Ongame network offers great software and a good selection of freezeout and rebuy tournaments, but is a bit limited with regards to guarenteed tournaments. On average you will find at least 2600 players online, peaking at around 6000 at times.
Party Poker Network
The Party Poker network is most notably home to Party Poker. The software is sleek and runs on all major operating systems (Mac, PC, Linux). games are mainly focused on low stake levels, but undersubscribed and valuable tournaments are plentiful. Party Poker's bonus is also among the better in the business.
PokerStars Network
PokerStars is the largest poker network on the internet, with 30 000 real money players being online at times. The software is excellent and allows for multitabling on 27 tables simultaneously. PokerStars sponsors and runs qualifiers for major live events such as EPT, APT, LAPT, SCOOP etc.