Entraction Poker Network

The Entraction Network is the latest metamorphism of the networks previously known as the B2B Network and 24hNetwork, and is owned and operated by Swedish publicly listed company Entraction Holding AB. It is by far the most versatile poker network in terms of the variety of games offered, and frequently matches its better known poker networks in terms of peak time cash players – despite not allowing players from the US onto its skins.

The network was founded in 2000, offering a comprehensive solution to companies wanting to enter the e-gaming market with the provision of gaming software, customer support and payment options. It became a popular choice for small enterprises wishing to be involved in the industry that did not have the resources to develop their own software or infrastructure, and consequently the Entraction Network grew into one of the largest networks in terms of member sites. Currently offering their services on 76 different skins, traffic peaks in the late European hours at around 20.00, but dwindles to practically nothing during the early hours of the morning.

Due its strong presence in the European market, games, banking and withdrawals are conducted in Euros, however the standard of play is fairly soft at all levels of the game until reaching E50/E100 blinds, due to many of the sites adding the poker application to existing sports betting and casino sites (ironically, one of the biggest sites on the network is noIQ.com!). Many of the regular daily tournaments have guaranteed prize funds, with the early afternoon ones frequently being undersubscribed. There is a small freeroll program to complement the many multi-table tournaments with minimal buy-ins and the big weekend tournament is a E50.000 guaranteed freezeout, which once a month offers a guaranteed prize fund of E150.000.

In 2008, the Entraction Network established the European Masters of Poker Tour – a European wide series of live events culminating with the EMOP Masters Cruise and millions of Euros in prize money. Satellites and seat giveaways are played throughout the year on all Entraction Network skins, and players can also qualify through collecting player points or via en-spec giveaways. The sites on the network also run excellent loyalty schemes, offer frequent reload bonuses and rakeback.

Entraction Software

The software used for the poker sites is attractive although fairly standard, with only basic facilities for poker players to enjoy. However, this makes it light on RAM, and enables players who wish to play multiple tables at the same time to have up to 18 windows open. The Entraction Network was amongst the first to develop its full software package in Flash, and therefore has not created the software for Mac or Linux users to compliment its service for Windows. There is an incredible variety of ring games hosted by the Malta based game server, although, because of the nature of the traffic flow to the sites, some of these will only be played during peak hours. These games include:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and a version called 5 Card Omaha with 5 pocket cards instead of 4.
  • 5 Card Draw
  • 7 Card Stud
  • Americana (Short-decked 5 Card Stud Poker using only cards ranked 7 to Ace with different hand ranking system)
  • Soko (5 card Scandinavian Stud poker with a different hand ranking system)
  • Telesina ( a six card mix of Hold´em and Stud)
  • Triple Draw Lowball 2-7

Network Poker Sites / Skins

Top Poker Sites on the Entraction network:

Other Poker Sites:

  • 10Bet.com
  • 110bet.com
  • 24hPoker.com
  • 4assi.net
  • 4Kings.com
  • 5BetPoker.com
  • AceOffSpades.com
  • Arcticbet.com
  • AssoKappa.com
  • asteriapoker.com
  • BabylonBet.com
  • BambaPoker.com
  • BestOnePoker.com
  • Bet1128.com
  • Betdaq.com
  • Betlads.com
  • Betting247.com
  • BringBet.com
  • CaradePoker.com
  • CardGrinders.com
  • CircleBet.com
  • club4aces.com
  • DailyPoker.com
  • DevilfishPoker.com
  • equalchancepoker.com
  • FaccedaPoker.com
  • Fjordbet.com
  • FrontBet.com
  • GoodGuysPoker.com
  • GoPlayClub.com
  • High5Action.com
  • HotJugPoker.com
  • i4Poker.com
  • IberoBet.com
  • IrishEyesPoker.com
  • KickOffPoker.com
  • KojakPoker.com
  • m8poker.com
  • MazzoGaming.com
  • Metelitsa.ru
  • MetsPoker.com
  • NastyDuck.com
  • NoiQpoker.com
  • NordicBookmakers.com
  • noxwin.com
  • Noxwin.com
  • PepeGames.com
  • PerpetuumPoker.com
  • pfGames.com
  • PinnacleSports.com
  • PlayCherry.com
  • PointPoker.com
  • PokerBiker.com
  • Pokerdassi2.com
  • PokerHills.com
  • pokerihuone.com
  • pokerimaa.com
  • PokeriParatiisi.com
  • Pokerisuora.com
  • PokerMambo.com
  • PokerPanthers.net
  • PokerSaints.com
  • PokerSens.com
  • Potraiser.com
  • Pro-Factory.com
  • Raybet.com
  • RealPoker24.com
  • Redbet.com
  • StingBet.com
  • ToroPoker.com
  • TrickyPlay.com
  • UvsPoker.com
  • Vegas365Poker.com
  • VengaPoker.com
  • YouWin.com