Full Tilt Poker Network

Full Tilt Poker was launched in June 2004 with the involvement of a number of well known poker professionals such as Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey, Andy Bloch, Mike Matusow, Jennifer Harman and Chris Ferguson. The sites popularity grew on their marketing phrase of “Learn, Chat and Play with the Pros” and Full Tilt was one of the biggest beneficiaries from UIEGA – now commanding a clear second place behind PokerStars as the most populated online poker room. A quarter of all online cash poker players have an account with Full Tilt Poker, and this means the sites sees a healthy average of 14.000 players – peaking to over 22.000 during Sunday evenings when the most popular games are hosted.

The full details of who exactly is behind Full Tilt remain one of pokers´ great mysteries. A number of players are said to be involved with the Aruba based Kolyma Corporation – quoted as joint owners with Tiltware LLC, who changed their name to Red Kings Limited when the company moved from LA to Dublin, Ireland. Although the companies’ headquarters and server are still based in Dublin, Red Kings Ltd is registered by the Alderney (UK) Gaming Commission.

As well as the unique and substantial marketing done by Full Tilt Poker, at the beginning of 2010 they introduced “Rush Poker” into their portfolio of games. This version of poker is played in such a way that you never remain at the same table for consecutive hands and have the facility to “quick fold” your pocket cards before your turn and immediately be dealt a new hand on a another table. It enables you to play up to 360 hands per hour (more if you multi-table!) and is available in Texas Hold´em, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo – both as a ring game and in tournament format.

Full Tilt Poker Software

The sites software is both easy to use and navigate, with a simple game filtering system and the facility to add regular tournaments to your favorites. The game play is sleek with a choice of novelty avatars and room backgrounds enabling you to play as a panda in the jungle or a spaceman orbiting the earth, and all the screens are resizable. This enables you to multi-table up to fifteen games at a time; however the software takes a lot of RAM, so you would require a particularly powerful computer to cope with the demands.

Games and Limits

Full Tilt Poker has a reputation for hosting the highest stakes games, and as well as holding the record for the biggest online pot for a single hand ($1,356,947) holds the record for the ten largest pots of all-time and the hundred largest pots in 2009. They have a full range of stakes available at their tables from $0.01/$0.02 games to $1.000/$2.000 and a high proportion of tournaments with buy-ins of between $200 and $1.000. In addition to a well subscribed to freeroll program, the most popular games on the site are the “Daily Dollar” with a guaranteed $10.000 prize pool and the three events that form part of their regular “Big Money Sunday” program, with over $1.3 million in guaranteed prize money.

Full Tilt Poker also hosts the quarterly “Full Tilt Online Poker Series” (FTOPS) and “Mini-FTOPS” with millions of dollars guaranteed in prize money, where each tournament final is hosted by one of their high profile stars. The site also encourages players to qualify for major live events through their satellite program – currently offering a bonus of $10 million to anyone who wins the WSOP Main Event, having first qualified through a Full Tilt Poker qualifier.

The standard of play is very high on Full Tilt Poker in all but the micro-levels. The site accepts players from the USA and offers a full range of Texas Hold´em, Omaha and Stud, mixed poker ring and tournament games and competitions where the betting format or structure of the game alternates (ie Flop Limit then Pot Limit or Omaha Hi then Omaha Hi/Lo).