Poker returns to London in February

If you haven’t visited longer and you and you are also a big poker fans, then February could be the perfect time to travel to the nation’s capital. There are several poker tournaments scheduled for this short months and all over England, there are similar events for those who don’t mind traveling to be. PKR is running its own tournament in March and qualifiers are already running live over the Internet, so those who don’t want to pay the buy-in out-of-pocket can participate in these satellites.Poker returns to London in February

Poker professionals will probably prefer to pay the buy-in instead of spending time online trying to beat the odds and outshine thousands of players. Party Poker makes a different proposition to those who play poker online but are ready to experience the thrills of live tournaments. They are the ones organizing the world poker tour national and London is the city where the decisive stage will unfold.

You don’t even need to wait until March to participate in this tournament, which starts in February and the WPTN Hits London has a guaranteed prize pool of €300,000. Past performance suggest that these limits are frequently cross, because the number of players who buy-in exceeds the early estimates. It all starts on February 12 and concludes on February 15, so players have a full weekend to put their skill and luck to the test.

The blindly go up once every 30 minutes and as the tournament advances, the time frame is expanded to 40 minutes until the final stage begins. At this point, players will have one hour at their disposal to play their best poker, until the blinds finally go up once again. Even those who don’t know for sure whether they will be traveling to London in late February and early March, should stay active over the Internet because there are promotions dedicated exclusively to online poker players.

PKR’s take on life poker is similar and action will unfold and Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City, with a guaranteed prize pool of €50,000. Those who don’t want to play satellites or prefer to pay the buy-in out-of-pocket will only have to commit €300, so the return on investment is generous. The tournament starts on March 20 and comes to an end three days later, but this is plenty of time to set a new milestone and win a staggering amount.

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