Poker Session Tracker and Preflop Hand Helper

Poker Session Tracker from PokerDominatorWe found a couple of nice poker softwares that might support your game: a Poker Session Tracker and a Preflop Hand Helper made by PokerDominator. 

The preflop Hand Helper, just as the names suggests, lists every pairing of cards that you could be dealt pre-flop and suggests how they should be played depending on your table position and the way that the table is being played (tight/loose).

You might not always agree with its “predictions”, but it is a handy little gadget to have on your desktop – not just for the advice it gives, but also to remind you to think before you act!

Go to Preflop Hand Helper

The pokerdominator web site also has a demo of their poker session tracking software which analyses your play in terms of how well you do at a certain level of buy-in, how well you perform in certain sized tournaments and your average win rate. A “must-have” for anybody who takes their poker seriously and wants to increase the value from their game.

Go to Poker Session Tracker

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