Women take the online and live poker arena by storm

Women take the online and live poker arena by stormThe game of poker has changed dramatically over the course of time and things that were regarded as virtually impossible a couple of decades ago are now mainstream. Internet poker made it possible for players to focus exclusively on their betting patterns and play more analytically, with complete disregard to hiding their emotions and picking up one poker tells. Another unintended consequence of online poker is that the number of women players has increased dramatically.

This is a fortunate side event, because a game that was traditionally reserved to men is now played by thousands of women, with many of them achieving remarkable results. Obviously, there are plenty who compete at live tables as well and they’re not shy of buying in at major tournament or compete for serious cash at nosebleed limits. The fact that they are every bit as successful as men, shatters the myth that women can’t play poker or that they are in any way inferior to their male counterparts.

Women are still targeted by some poker players who assume that they can push them around or force them into a corner by verbally attacking them, but generally these types of assaults are not successful. Poker professionals know better than to underestimate their opponents, but every now and then less experienced ones are playing poorly against women. Whether they are concerned of what the other players might be thinking of them if they lose a big pot against a female player, or they simply expect her to crumble under pressure, they play overly aggressive and bluff more often than they should.

This explains why women are trying to capitalize on their image while extracting the most from loose aggressive plays, as they tend to get plenty of action. The number of women poker players is on the rise and not surprisingly, more tournaments than ever before are being won by female players. Over the Internet, as well as at live tables, they are increasingly bold and with each woman winning a tournament or school being a significant amount at cash games tables, more women jump on the bandwagon.

The change is irreversible and we should expect to see even more women putting their skills to the test at the poker table, while the ratio between man/women to gradually even out. A lot of time will need to pass before all misconceptions will be gone but as women poker player are reaching new milestones by winning events and finishing in the money more often, they gained the respect of the entire community.

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